Agribank bank loan mortgage interest rate is 2019 extremely preferential, only from 6% / year. After the end of the preferential interest rate, it will equal the interest rate for the end of the 13-month deposit plus the margin. The story is on

As one of the 4 “big men” of the banking industry, it is easy to understand why Agribank Bank is always a prestigious choice for borrowers.

However, many customers still do not know the mortgage interest rate at Agribank. Below is a satisfactory answer for you.

mortgage banks, Agribank and other bank interest rates immediately.


In addition, a red book mortgage loan of Agribank has a maximum term of up to 15 years with a loan limit of up to 85% of collateral value. Moreover, the interest payment method is also very flexible.

You can pay interest monthly, quarterly or every 6 months. Principal is divided by loan period and can be paid monthly, quarterly or every 6 months.

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Another attractive point is that the interest rate of Agribank bank loan book mortgage is calculated based on the declining debt balance. That is the most popular way of calculating bank loan interest rates.

You will have to pay interest on the date indicated on the mortgage agreement. Usually you will have 10 days to pay interest without being penalized. After those 10 days, you will be subject to a late payment interest rate, which is equal to 150% of the interest rate in the due date .

It should be noted that: Mortgage interest rate at Agribank of the following years is calculated by:

Interest of savings deposit at the end of the 13 month period + Amplitude

This margin is clearly stated in the credit contract, while the deposit interest rate may fluctuate from time to time. (See now: Agribank savings interest rate ) .

Anyway, you can be assured that with Agribank, this fluctuation is not too high. Normally, credit officers talk less about these things because the explanation is a bit confusing and makes you feel confused.

Product is applicable

Product is applicable

Agribank is applying mortgage products for many purposes, including:

  • Borrowing houses, land, apartments, apartments, social houses;
  • Borrowing for construction and repair of houses;
  • Loans to buy new and used cars;
  • Business loans, …

Corresponding to each loan purpose, Agribank will apply the appropriate interest rate. Of course, this interest rate will fluctuate in the above range.

Conditions for mortgage loans at Agribank


  • Customers are Vietnamese citizens who are in the working age.
  • Have a stable income of 3 million VND / month or more.
  • At the time of borrowing there is no bad debt of any bank.
  • Residing in the scope of transaction office of Agribank.

Loan procedures for Agribank bank mortgage red book

  • Loan application form (according to the bank’s loan form).
  • ID / passport / Citizen ID.
  • Household registration book / Temporary residence certificate if KH does not live on the household address.
  • Documents proving the purpose of capital use (purchase and sale contracts, sales invoices; construction and repair permits, construction contracts, raw materials list; sales contracts, vendor certificates)
  • Proof of income (labor contract, payroll or utility bill for 3 months, for people with income from sales or sales staff is 6 months).
  • If customers have income from business, they need: business license: individual household, enterprise; input bill, output; economic contracts…
  • Security property documents (red book, pink book, savings book or other valuable papers).

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