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With a budget you can get an overview of your income and expenses. It takes a little work and maybe a deep breathing to get started. But afterwards you know exactly how much you need to set aside for bills and how much you have for yourself to live for each month.

How to make your budget

 How to make your budget

You’ll find all your bills for the last year and put in a budget (most often made in Excel sheets) during the month they are due. These expenses draw you from your income and from there you can see how much you have left to live for each month.

A budget should be every man’s ownership in my opinion. It gives both an overview of how much you have to live for. But at the same time, this means that you never come back with payment of the bills, as you put aside the same amount each month. That way, you save up to the expensive months in your budget account.

A budget controls the costs

 A budget controls the costs

Many people do not know what they have of expenses. If they have ever made a budget, it has been the bank that has made it in connection with having to calculate how much they would lend to house purchase.

There is, however, a lot of money to save if you get to know what you are paying for. This will delete the things that are possible to delete. For example, many people pay to fitness centers, subscriptions to various magazines, and membership to everything – without using it.

Agreements and subscriptions are reviewed

Agreements and subscriptions are reviewed

It can be a really good thing to review the agreements you have once in a while. It is, for example, about insurance, mobile phone, tv, and internet subscriptions etc. It is very rare that you cannot optimize your budget and thereby save money.

I help a lot of customers make and review their budget. It can be very difficult to get an overview of which bills go for what, and how often they have to be paid.

If you need help with this or anything else about your personal finances, you are very welcome to contact Sund Economics .

Summary of why a budget makes sense:

 Summary of why a budget makes sense:

  • Budget gives you an overview of your income and expenses
  • How to prepare your budget
  • With a budget you always know what you have to live for and you always know what you have left to live for.
  • You should review your expenses once in a while, you can always optimize and save some money.
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Bank Crack – Get an Overview of the Consequences for the Customers Mon, 18 Mar 2019 11:55:06 +0000 (more...)]]>

A bank crash means that a bank goes bankrupt. The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority monitors the Danish banks and classifies the banks they believe are in a situation where they may go bankrupt. has more notes

What happens to a bank crash?

 What happens to a bank crash?

When a bank is risk classified, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority carries out extra supervision of the bank. They do this to see if this development is worsening or whether the bank is coming back on the right track and thereby avoiding a bank crash. If the bank cannot survive, this is initially taken over by Finansiel Stabilitet if another bank does not buy the bank. Then, as far as possible, customers are moved to other banks. You see what is possible of other banks possibly. can buy parts of the cracked bank.

By bank crash, customers are secured their deposits

 By bank crash, customers are secured their deposits

Many Danes are uncertain about how they stand if their bank goes bankrupt. Your regular deposit – that is, the deposit on the salary account and the savings in the bank – is covered by an amount corresponding to EUR 100,000 (currently around DKK 745,000). Special deposits, such as pensions and child savings, are fully covered by bank crashes. In the case of a joint account, for example. If you are a husband and wife who owns the account, it is 2 x 100,000 euro that is covered. If you have both debt and savings, it is your net deposit that is covered. If, for example, you have a savings of DKK 1 million and a debt of DKK 300,000, your net deposit (savings less debt) is DKK 700,000, and you are thus fully covered by bank crashes.

Investors lose their money by bankruptcy

 Investors lose their money by bankruptcy

Otherwise, if you are a shareholder in a bank that goes bankrupt. In this case, you lose your money. If you are a shareholder, be aware that it is a very risky investment. It’s like going to the casino. You can make money, as many do, but you can also lose them all. Therefore, good advice is never to invest more money than you can afford to lose again. There is always a risk of bankruptcy. Contact me if your bank has gone bankrupt or on its way to it. It may be that you need help with the process of finding the right bank for compensation. Contact Anna Christie now .

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Non-Bank Mortgage on Auction Wed, 13 Feb 2019 13:47:14 +0000 (more...)]]>

Non-bank mortgage for auction

Non-bank mortgages on auction have countless advantages. Above all, the biggest advantage is that non-banking institutions do not look for your registrations in the registers or want to know your monthly income. Non-bank institutions like to forgive these hot topics. The indisputable advantage of so-called American non-bank mortgages is that it is a non-purpose mortgage. This means we can finance anything with such a mortgage, we think. An auction-free non -bank mortgage is no exception. has more notes

I want to finance the auction of a house or apartment!


If you want to participate in any auction of a house or apartment in your neighborhood, it will be possible to finance this auction, just the above – mentioned non-bank mortgage at auction . It is very easy to finance the purchase of an auctioned property with a non-bank mortgage. The client must only have at his disposal the property at an appropriate value that the institution pays as a so-called guarantee for the timely repayment of the mortgage loan. After the auction itself, the transfer of ownership of the property can be negotiated for the benefit of the auctioneer. This option is offered by both banking and non-banking institutions. These are very rare cases in which a client wants to buy a mortgage auction house. However, they are and institutions are in this respect friendly to the client. The only thing a client has to do is finance for paying the auction principal. The rest will be covered by a mortgage loan. Both banking and non-banking institutions are willing to replace the auctioned property with a halt in the event of a successful auction.

Advantages of non-bank mortgages

We find a wealth of non-bank mortgages on the market. Non-bank mortgage for auction , American non-bank mortgage or classic mortgage for financing a family house. Non-bank mortgages are advantageous, and every client will find the positives in them, who especially appreciate obtaining a mortgage loan without unnecessary stretching and surveying.

Do you want to change your family budget? Take advantage of refinancing your non-bank mortgage Depending on the amount of the loan, you may also be granted a non-bank mortgage without a pledge A non-bank mortgage calculator quickly calculates your repayments Mortgage with execution, your rescue from auction The whole blog


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Borrowing Money with ID Card from 5 Million to 500 Million | Payday Loans Tue, 12 Feb 2019 16:44:24 +0000 (more...)]]>


The fastest loan by ID card is the most popular form of borrowing today. Please come to your financial consulting company for advice and free documentation. More of this story:

Borrowing by ID card is always responded by a large number of customers. Because of its versatility and quickness. Here, you will know the advantages of this loan product. Fast loan cash in the day, with money after 30 minutes requires you to have a household registration in Ho Chi Minh City. If the customer has a home, lending money is faster than the guest.

Those who have bad debts in the bank can still lend money by ID card. Please rest assured about this issue. In the process of borrowing from our company, you are still supported with a new loan while you are borrowing from you.

What is outstanding about borrowing money with ID card?

What is outstanding about borrowing money with ID card?

  • Fast loan with instant money within 30 minutes.
  • Get enough money to borrow, not collect any other fees.
  • The procedure of borrowing money is simple, just need ID card (identity card) and household registration book, KT3 or other related documents.
  • The fastest loan service does not require collateral, does not prove income, financial ability.
  • Failure to keep the client’s papers, compare and complete the documents will be returned immediately.
  • Do not call to assess relatives or anyone where you are living and working.

Because of the convenience and everyone has ID card, so lending money with ID card is also easy. This is convenient for all customers who need to borrow money during the day.



Borrowing mortgage loans with low interest rates requires no mortgage

Borrowing mortgage loans with low interest rates requires no mortgage

  • The limit of borrowing money with ID card is from 10 million to 500 million dong.
  • No mortgage collateral required.
  • Just leave your personal information with your phone number.
  • Free advice, dedicated guidance staff.
  • There is no charge for filing.
  • 100% confidentiality of customer information, no one knows even relatives.
  • Flexible loan period from 12 to 24 months.
  • Low interest rate is only from 0.4% / month.
  • Support installments by day, by week, by month.
  • Simple procedure, no need to prove income.
  • Unlimited objects, professions, fields, jobs …

What is the fastest loan requirement?


Just give me your ID card and household registration book to be able to borrow money as quickly as possible. As officials, civil servants, officials, directors, workers, freelance workers, housewives, newly graduated students … We support fast cash loans nationwide . But in particular, we give priority to advice on ID lending in Ho Chi Minh City area such as: District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 11, 12, Binh Thanh District, Thu Duc , Phu Nhuan, Binh Tan, Go Vap, Tan Binh, Tan Phu …

We do not distinguish occupation, position, position, degree, ethnic composition, religion. Irrespective of whether you are a manual worker or an intellectual worker … are supported with quick loans without collateral.

Support customers nationwide

Support customers nationwide

In addition, the financial consulting company has a representative branch across 63 provinces and cities. Each province has from 2 to 4 representative offices. Support for installment loans for customers with provincial residence. Such as: Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Binh Dinh, Long An, Dong Thap, Bien Hoa, Vung Tau, Tay Ninh, Ben Tre, Tien Giang, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Hanoi …

The fastest lending target nationwide applies to everyone. Be at least 22 years old and have a stable job with an income of 2 million or more to be guests. Preferential installment loan for home business customers, small traders in the market, online sales …

Refer to related loan products with your side

Refer to related loan products with your side

  • Borrow money with household registration book.
  • Borrowing with electricity bills and borrowing electricity bills need not be owner. Borrowing credits according to electricity bills, supporting loans from 20 million to 500 million with extremely low interest rates. Conditions for borrowing under electricity bills are quite simple, just need to have electricity bills for the last 3 months over 300,000 VND.
  • Borrow according to the company’s certified monthly payroll.
  • Support need hot loan 5tr via sim viettel.
  • Loan through bank account.
  • Fast loan cash by life insurance contract.

Your financial company has a variety of loan products for customers to choose from. You can refer to the related loan products above to choose the best and fastest loan package for you. Good and experienced customer relationship consultant. Working a lot of deep understanding of finance and banking. Make sure to solve all your financial problems.


Disburse 30 minutes to receive money in hand

Disbursement time is only 30 minutes of work

Disbursement time is only 30 minutes of work

From consulting to apply for a loan by ID card, compare personal information of customers. Until you receive money in your hand within 30 minutes of work. I repeat it within 30 minutes at least 1 hour.

5tr hot loan package does not require property mortgages, no proof of income, no home appraisal. Do not call to verify relatives. Do not disturb anyone in your family or acquaintances where you are living and working. Only the customer knows and is responsible for signing his loan.

Associated State Bank


Our financial consulting firm lends hot money with fast money during the day. Currently, it has been associated with many of the most prestigious banks in the country. Such as: Vietcombank, Viettinbank, Sacombank, Techcombank, Agribank, Dongabank, BIDV, HDbank, VPbank … so the capital is proactive. The company has a strong financial position, so it can meet all requirements of customers on loan limits. Even the loan limit will be unlimited if you need it.

Unlimited loan limit


The limit for borrowing money by ID card and household registration book is very limited. Come to the package of products borrowed from me but you can get hot loans of 5 million VND, 10 million VND higher than that. You can choose one of the following limits depending on your borrowing needs.

  • From VND 5 million to VND 20 million.
  • From VND 20 million to VND 100 million.
  • From VND 100 million to VND 500 million.
  • From 500 million to 1 or 2 billion VND.

Since the financial advisory firm for the fastest loan at low interest rates has helped many people in need of loans. So you do not need to look for different types of hot loans for black society with too high interest rates. And most of all, thanks to the fast and simple cash-on-lending service, it has contributed to improving the lives of many customers. Help them have more capital to invest, trade, trade, solve problems immediately. If you need to borrow 5 million, 6 million, less than 10 million, please call our consultant directly.

Loan interest on installment loans by day

Loan interest on installment loans by day

Interest rate = how much is the ID card? low or high ?. This is something that many customers are most interested in when taking out installment loans. Although they are private hot lenders, they lend at low or equal interest rates in parallel with the bank. We understand the difficulties of our brothers and sisters right now, in a confused mood. So the company will create easy conditions, most convenient when you need to borrow money with ID card. Loan interest rates are as follows:

  • Lowest interest rate: 4% / year.
  • Highest loan interest rate: 5.5% / year.
  • Shortest loan period: 61 days.
  • The longest loan period: 365 days.



There are many installments for customers to choose as follows:

  • Loans on installments by day (every day contributes money).
  • Installment loan on a weekly basis (7 times a day).
  • Monthly installment loan. In 30 days.
  • Pay installments. Every day, only pay interest on a weekly basis, while the principal stays the same. When do I have money to pay for you once? This is convenient for businesses to borrow capital to invest in business and business. This long-term installment payment helps the company to maintain its existing capital, increasing profitability.

There is an employee who collects the contribution when it is due

There is an employee who collects the contribution when it is due

Your side will have an employee to collect the money when the payment is due. If the customer does not have time, busy work may not go to the representative office to pay the money. We will come directly to the collection place. This helps to limit travel, saving your precious time. It is because there are cheerful, enthusiastic employees who serve in the place where the four-way customers know about the fastest lending service in their place.

This is a great success for our financial consulting company. On behalf of the entire board of directors in particular and the staff of the company in general, sincerely thank the near and far customers who trust to use the products borrowed from me.


Addresses to support reputable loans in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces

Contact loan service with ID card during the day


Fast cash service without mortgage of assets, hot loans 5tr, 10tr with instant cash on the day. Help you overcome difficulties in life. That is the purpose that our financial consulting company was born. Whenever you need your help on your money. Please pick up the phone and call the hotline above for advice and free documentation. Or you just leave your personal information, address with phone number, your counselor will call back immediately after reading your feedback.

Your company has a short-term, medium-term and long-term installment plan. Depending on the demand for personal loan , the customer can choose the appropriate payment method. Consultants will advise, analyze and orient customers. Help you choose the desired amount associated with the lowest interest rate. Along with that you will choose the loan repayment period by week, by day or by installments. You need to borrow 5tr, 10tr, please actively call your employees for the fastest support.


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Loan Interest Rate for Mortgage Book 2019 Thu, 07 Feb 2019 17:17:30 +0000 (more...)]]>



Agribank bank loan mortgage interest rate is 2019 extremely preferential, only from 6% / year. After the end of the preferential interest rate, it will equal the interest rate for the end of the 13-month deposit plus the margin. The story is on

As one of the 4 “big men” of the banking industry, it is easy to understand why Agribank Bank is always a prestigious choice for borrowers.

However, many customers still do not know the mortgage interest rate at Agribank. Below is a satisfactory answer for you.

mortgage banks, Agribank and other bank interest rates immediately.


In addition, a red book mortgage loan of Agribank has a maximum term of up to 15 years with a loan limit of up to 85% of collateral value. Moreover, the interest payment method is also very flexible.

You can pay interest monthly, quarterly or every 6 months. Principal is divided by loan period and can be paid monthly, quarterly or every 6 months.

➤ Refer to:

  • Interest rate of mortgage loan book of Vietcombank bank
  • Mortgage interest rate of BIDV bank


Another attractive point is that the interest rate of Agribank bank loan book mortgage is calculated based on the declining debt balance. That is the most popular way of calculating bank loan interest rates.

You will have to pay interest on the date indicated on the mortgage agreement. Usually you will have 10 days to pay interest without being penalized. After those 10 days, you will be subject to a late payment interest rate, which is equal to 150% of the interest rate in the due date .

It should be noted that: Mortgage interest rate at Agribank of the following years is calculated by:

Interest of savings deposit at the end of the 13 month period + Amplitude

This margin is clearly stated in the credit contract, while the deposit interest rate may fluctuate from time to time. (See now: Agribank savings interest rate ) .

Anyway, you can be assured that with Agribank, this fluctuation is not too high. Normally, credit officers talk less about these things because the explanation is a bit confusing and makes you feel confused.

Product is applicable

Product is applicable

Agribank is applying mortgage products for many purposes, including:

  • Borrowing houses, land, apartments, apartments, social houses;
  • Borrowing for construction and repair of houses;
  • Loans to buy new and used cars;
  • Business loans, …

Corresponding to each loan purpose, Agribank will apply the appropriate interest rate. Of course, this interest rate will fluctuate in the above range.

Conditions for mortgage loans at Agribank


  • Customers are Vietnamese citizens who are in the working age.
  • Have a stable income of 3 million VND / month or more.
  • At the time of borrowing there is no bad debt of any bank.
  • Residing in the scope of transaction office of Agribank.

Loan procedures for Agribank bank mortgage red book

  • Loan application form (according to the bank’s loan form).
  • ID / passport / Citizen ID.
  • Household registration book / Temporary residence certificate if KH does not live on the household address.
  • Documents proving the purpose of capital use (purchase and sale contracts, sales invoices; construction and repair permits, construction contracts, raw materials list; sales contracts, vendor certificates)
  • Proof of income (labor contract, payroll or utility bill for 3 months, for people with income from sales or sales staff is 6 months).
  • If customers have income from business, they need: business license: individual household, enterprise; input bill, output; economic contracts…
  • Security property documents (red book, pink book, savings book or other valuable papers).

➤ To be supported with loans at Agribank, please send your registration information immediately



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Interest Rate of Mortgage Bank Loan in the Latest 2018 Tue, 29 Jan 2019 17:37:07 +0000 (more...)]]> The interest rate of Lien Viet mortgage loan is currently only 6.5% per year, lending products are abundant, attracting many customers.

With the motto of “Bringing social networks into business”, after more than 10 years of establishment, Lien Viet Bank (LienVietPostBank) has increasingly produced many products and services to meet the needs of every customer from every regions, all classes.

Among those services, it is impossible not to mention the mortgage loan service of Lien Viet bank.

1. Interest rate of Lien Viet mortgage bank loan

1. Interest rate of Lien Viet mortgage bank loan

Table of mortgage interest rates of Lien Viet bank:

2. The reason for borrowing Lien Viet bank mortgage

Lien Viet bankers are young and dynamic people.

  • Interest rates on Lien Viet bank loans are quite low, only from 6.5% to 8% per year;
  • Loan value up to 100% of collateral value or 80% of demand ;
  • Loan term is up to 20 years ;
  • Pay principal and interest periodically in accordance with income;
  • Simple lending procedures, quick resolution;
  • Young staff, dedicated consultants.

3. Interest rate for mortgage of Lien Viet bank red book

Currently, Lien Viet lending interest rate is relatively stable ranging from 6.5% to 8% per year, depending on the purpose of borrowing. This interest rate is quite low compared to the lending market in our country today.

Provide rich loan products to meet the different needs of customers. In addition, the maximum loan period is up to 20 years, principal and interest payments are monthly, quarterly, or every six months chosen by customers.

Installment payment method is suitable for customers’ income, so customers can calculate bank loan interest rates to make long-term plans, without disturbing the spending plan.

4. Conditions for Lien Viet’s mortgage loan

4. Conditions for Lien Viet

  • Borrowers are Vietnamese citizens, have legal capacity;
  • Customers are aged between 18 and no more than 60 years of age when the loan term expires;
  • Customers have permanent residence within the scope / KT3 in the borrowed area;
  • Having a stable source of income, a clear repayment plan, ensuring debt repayment capability;
  • There are collateral.

5. Profile of mortgage lending procedures in Lien Viet

5. Profile of mortgage lending procedures in Lien Viet

  • Request for loan and loan repayment plan according to the form of Lien Viet Bank (LienVietPostBank);
  • ID card of customers, household registration book / temporary residence book;
  • Marriage certificate or single certification;
  • Documents proving the source of income to pay debts;
  • Documents related to houses and residential land need to be purchased, built and repaired;
  • Documents related to security assets.

Mortgage interest rate is only 6.5% per year, not only that, Lien Viet bank regularly offers promotion programs applied for each period.

If you are in need of a loan, Lien Viet bank is an interesting choice for you.

If you have any questions, please leave the information in the comment below, financial experts will advise you!

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Hot loans Procedures | Payday Loans Thu, 24 Jan 2019 16:28:36 +0000 (more...)]]>



You need to borrow money from the gangster to have a day’s money? Our low-interest private hot-lending service meets that need of you.

Hot loans in black society here are essentially outside private hot loans. In order to support customers who cannot borrow from banks or have bad debts. This is a form of lending hot money on installment days, with many long-term, medium-term and short-term payments for customers to choose from. Hot loan service on the installment payment day within 30 days, 40 days, 50 days, 60 days, 70 days. This helps customers who are unable to pay once, have more choices. There are 4 forms of hot loan payment as black society as follows:

  • Payment through day loan
  • Quick payment of installment loan.
  • Payment of installments by month.
  • Payments stand. Stand up is daily, weekly, monthly You pay only interest. The original money when you have money you pay to your side once.

Depending on the main income of the customer, you can choose to borrow money to pay for customers. Each customer has a need for high interest loans to serve different purposes. Therefore, each case of quick hot loan staff will advise you to guide you to choose the appropriate loan limit with the lowest interest rate.


Borrowing hot money without paperless gangs

Hot loan procedures do not mortgage

Hot loan procedures do not mortgage

Simple and quick mortgage loan procedures are simple and fast. Unlike a bank loan that requires cumbersome paperwork, it must be the original paperwork. If the photo has to be notarized, not more than 3 months. It is even required to have valuable assets for pledge or mortgage. The disbursement period is from 4 to 6 days, sometimes waiting until the end is not able to borrow money.

Many customers leave feedback that I want to borrow hot money during the day, what are the procedures and conditions? As mentioned above, the procedure of the party only requires ID card and household registration book. Customers can provide originals or photocopies, no photo is required. After reviewing and comparing it, it will be returned to you immediately, do not keep any papers. When you need to borrow money from the gang, borrow money from Gypsy but don’t know how? It’s easy to remind the phone to call the hotline above. We will answer all your questions and difficulties right away. In addition, there are the following papers: You still get social hot loans:

  • Your monthly payroll is certified by the company.
  • Life insurance policies, human insurance.
  • Electricity, water and cable TV bills> = 500,000 VND.
  • Contracts for purchase of installment purchase from other organizations.

Objects of hot loans for gangsters


The scope of hot money lending to the black society is in the inner city of HCMC. Everyone who is 22 years of age or older, has criminal responsibility, does not violate Vietnamese law. Regardless of gender, occupation, ethnicity, religion, degree of position in society. You are living and working in HCMC specifically: District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12. Thu Duc, Tan Phu, Go Vap, Tan Binh, Binh Tan, Phu Nhuan, Binh Thanh.

You are a director, a worker, an unskilled worker, an online sales person, a small business trader at a market, a low-income self-employed person. Customers of motorbike taxi, students who do not have a job are supported and guided on how to borrow money from society, borrow hot Gypsy.

Whenever you need a hot loan, call or leave feedback with the phone number directly below. Your counselor will call you back immediately and answer all your questions.

Characteristics of loan products


  • Support for hot loans for customers who cannot borrow from banks.
  • No need to mortgage assets, no proof of income, financial ability.
  • Do not assess the home, do not call relatives.
  • Short-term installment payments help reduce interest.
  • The procedure for lending money to a gangster is simple, fast and neat.
  • Quick disbursement during the day, with money after 30 minutes.
  • Many brothers and sisters ask whether they are borrowing from a bank, I want to borrow hot money from the black society. Please say that we can still support daily loans, private hot loans for you.
  • As long as customers have a daily income, every week they can borrow.
  • Being in bad debt The bank can still continue to repay the loan with you.
  • There are many forms of contribution: long-term, medium-term, short-term, depending on customers’ choice.

The limit of social hot loans will be unlimited if customers need. Specific loan limits are as follows:

  • Loan limit from 10 million to 100 million.
  • Limit hot loans 100 million to 500 million.
  • Loan limit from 500 million to 5 billion.
  • If any individual household or enterprise requires a private hot-money loan , there will be money in a day to pay salaries for employees and workers. Or to pay for the order entered into the warehouse. There will be preferential interest rates for businesses if you actively call to your side first.


Support hot loans without home appraisal in HCMC

Fast disbursement time of the day

Fast disbursement time of the day

The time from consulting, collating personal information, appraising and making your sister’s hot loan application for 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you need to borrow money to heat up during the day, the disbursement time will be at your request. We understand your difficulties right now so it will create favorable conditions for you to borrow money on a day. After your quick hot loan contract is successful, the contract is signed. If you do not want to receive cash, you will transfer to your bank account. Or transfer money to your ATM card as required. All exchanges are VND.

Interest rates for black society loans parallel with some banks in Vietnam. Although the loan interest rate is slightly higher, we assure our customers that the procedure is extremely simple and receive money immediately after 30 minutes of work. Help you solve the immediate immediate problem. So need to borrow 100 million, 200 million is a very easy thing. Specific interest rates are applied as follows:

  • Lowest interest rate: 4% / year
  • Highest loan interest rate: 5.5% / year
  • Shortest loan period: 61 days
  • The longest loan period: 365 days.

Support area to borrow money from the black society

Support area to borrow money from the black society

When having difficulty in cash but don’t know where to borrow hot money where there is money in the day, please be assured customers. Currently, financial consulting companies have expanded branches in 63 provinces and cities from the North to the South. Each province has from 2 to 3 branches, although you in any locality, ward, commune, village, hamlet, hamlet, or hamlet, there are staff to take care of the place. Customer support area with registration in the province such as Da Nang, Can Tho, Quang Ngai, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh, Tien Giang, Long An, Binh Phuoc, Binh Dinh, Vung Tau, Ben Tre.

With experience of lending hot money over 12 years in the financial and credit industry. The company has been associated with a number of large banks nationwide such as DongA Bank, Vietcombank, ABBank, Agribank, Techcombank, Viettinbank, Sacombank, BIDV, VPBank, HDBank, HD Saigon, Sai Gon Cong Thuong …. Banks have the lowest interest rates.

Borrowing from black society many customers think this is a fraudulent and dangerous lending service. Actually it’s not like that. Hot money here means borrowing money right in the day, disbursing time is super fast to help you get cash quickly to solve the immediate difficulties. Meeting customers’ needs without borrowing at banks and other financial institutions.

Diversified loan packages


We are a big company that has a strong financial position. Hot disbursement time with dizzying speed. Combined with that is a team of support staff for hot-money loan consultancy, which is crowded, good, can work in a professional environment, understand all of the gangster loan packages, hot loans, quick loans in day. Reputable practice ensures quick resolution of the difficulties you are having on money. In addition, the children also support fast cash hot loans with simple procedures. Borrowing hot money from high society to contribute high interest rates with money after 30 minutes. Fast cash payment service for daily installments, weekly installments, property mortgage loans … It is diverse and rich to choose from right customers.

Currently, the hot lending service is very much supported by customers near and far. Because of the prestige and quality of dedicated service, take place. Helping siblings since they have not been given hot loans during the day. During the appraisal process, make the application until you receive the money in hand at no cost to other guests.

Some hot loan products I invite customers to refer

Some hot loan products I invite customers to refer

  • Fast loan cash without mortgage.
  • Hot loans quickly stand up.
  • Need to borrow hot money during the day.
  • Fast loan cash after 30 minutes.
  • Online loan without meeting.
  • Need to borrow money at high interest rates.
  • Borrowing cash with ID card .
  • Fast loan cash with household registration book.
  • Installment loan by day.
  • Loan by week.
  • Credit for business mortgage.


Many loan packages are paid by ID card and SHK photo

Need a high interest loan to serve all customers. In which the non-mortgage fast loan package is a daily consumer loan, no assets are needed to secure it. With the aim of serving the needs of daily living expenses while having difficulties in customers’ financial resources.

Not everyone has valuable assets to mortgage. So the gangster hot money lending service does not mortgage me. Do not require customers to have assets to secure and pledge. Without the guarantee of family members, we do not need to evaluate the house. The company is committed to customers that your personal information, fast loan records are 100% confidential. Only you know you’re borrowing social hot money with me.

Online uptime

Online uptime

We work online 24/24 from Monday to Sunday. Even New Year and holidays in the year, especially do not think about lunch. Whenever you need to borrow money from the society, pick up the phone and call the hotline right away. When you need to borrow 100 million, 200 million will have a place-to-door staff if you don’t have travel time.

If you do not know where to borrow money from reputable, quick disbursement, please contact us immediately. Especially when payment is due, there will be staff collecting money if customers are busy. Or do not have time to visit your branch or office. Customers can sit at home or their workplace company to borrow money from hot days in their bank account. This saves both parties time.

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